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Siemens AC Drive Repair

Whatever the situation, specification or industry, Siemens offers the AC drive that fits your needs from out-of-the-box; ready-to-use "shaft-turner" drives to servo drives. Siemens strives to create world class products that define the future of industrial production.

While it might appear that many products do the same things, the subtle differences are what set Siemens drives apart. Siemens products provide unparalleled flexibility, customization, performance and cost savings.

HES India provides the best repair services and timely delivery for the Siemens AC drive series. From variable frequency drive repair to technical troubleshooting, we have skilled HES Service Engineers waiting to resolve your AC Drive issues. Our consistent quality services will work not only for one time but for years.

  1. Our repair time will be in hours or minimal days but not weeks. Priority is given to the Customer during the time of crisis such as plant shut down or in case the production is held up.
  2. In order to maintain, we offer real world testing of manufacturer’s specifications on all Siemens AC Drive parts and modules.

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