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Crompton Greaves AC Drive Repair

An AC drive controls the application by continuously adjusting the motor speed. This results in reduced energy usage and prevents unnecessary wear of the equipment. Crompton Greaves offers a wide product range in the low voltage drives segment.

HES India provides the best repair services and timely delivery for the Crompton Greaves AC drive series. Our consistent quality services will work not only for one time but for years.

  1. Our repair time will be in hours or minimal days but not weeks. Priority is given to the Customer during the time of crisis such as plant shut down or in case the production is held up.
  2. In order to maintain, we offer real world testing of manufacturer’s specifications on all Crompton Greaves AC Drive parts and modules.
HES India provides high quality repair services for the below models of Crompton Greaves AC Drives:

CG Emotron VFX 2.0 AC Drive Repair, CG Emotron VS AC Drive Repair, VFX48-072-20CEBNNAAVNNNNAP Repair, VSB48-006-20CNB, Crompton Greaves SG AC Drive Repair, Crompton Greaves SK AC Drive Repair, CGG-2055-KBX-4 Repair, CGK4300220 Repair,CGK2100075 Repair,CGK4300550 Repair,CGK4300400 Repair