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L & T DC Drive Repair

Automation and electrical technologies is the greatest strength of Larsen & Toubro. The diverse portfolio of L&T is filled with the automation solutions, energy meters, electrical systems and voltage switch gear products. The company offers their services into many areas like agricultural segments, industries, infrastructures etc.,

HES India repairs almost all models of L & T DC Drives. Our Service Engineers are highly skilled and have in-depth experience in DC Drive repairs. Our module/drive level repair workmanship is of the highest quality.

Our process includes visual inspection to identify obvious issues which includes checking the electrolytic capacitors that are aged beyond reliability. After visual inspection, static and dynamic testing is done to ensure that the drive is fully repaired and functional. We do load testing for DC Drives with minimum load.

L & T DC Drive Repair, L & T D7 DC Drive Repair,L & T Thyristor Convertor Drive Repair, PLX15 DC Drive Repair, PLX30 DC Drive Repair, PL20 DC Drive Repair, EF 90704 DC Drive Repair, LnTOR-D7 Digital DC Drive Repair